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AP+I Design, Inc.


333 Middlefield Rd STE 200, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
About Apstra

Authentic and On-Culture

Founded in 2014 and growing quickly, Apstra set out to design and construct their new headquarters in Menlo Park. The new space had to accommodate additional employees and reflect their authentic style of “industrial, old-world meets technology”. The space also had to showcase Apstra to its clientele in a design-savvy manner, while creating a workplace that encouraged the unique employee culture.

Flexibility was a design priority, so initial program elements were reduced to allow for more generous workspace and collaboration areas. These could be easily reconfigured as headcount in the office increased. To embody the the client’s aesthetic and style of working, AP+I Design created an eclectic palette of materials that included Oriental rug-inspired carpeting, corrugated metal siding and rich walnut veneers.

The quality and authenticity of materials were important to Apstra. The design team delivered the project on budget by finding cost-saving measures in less conspicuous areas. Back of house furniture was specified in lieu of custom millwork. Raw materials such as corrugated metal remained unfinished. While most of the ceiling was opened and layered with acoustic material, the felt slat ceiling design was used in reception, common areas and main hallway to provide dynamism and space definition.

Project Details

Project Type

Interior Renovation/Tenant Improvement



Square Footage

14,000 SF

Construction Status