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Be a mind reader

ProjectMark’s interactive Microsites give you the ability to deliver a customized experience for your customers and gain real-time analytics about your clients’ interests.
ProjectManager uses ProjectMark to respond to RFPS.
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An interactive experience

Differentiate your firm from your competitors with an interactive microsite. In a few clicks, you can create a custom experience for your prospective clients. Demonstrate your expertise in a format that was created specifically for your target prospects and give them an interactive experience they won't forget.
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Create statements of qualifications on the fly

Smart content management makes it easy to create qualifications quickly. Gone are the days when you and your team had to spend hours creating qualification statements. Quickly assemble key information and send your prospect a link to the microsite before your next appointment.
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You spend so much time getting to know prospects, but wouldn't it be nice to get real-time data as to what these prospects really thought about the information presented in proposals? Now you can with ProjectMark's Microsite Analytics.

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When we're sending something out for a new client, ProjectMark makes the most sense because it’s interactive and you can present more information"

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Michaela Weibel
Director of Marketing at Dempsey Construction
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